The Story of Air Jordan made by Nike and endorsed by Michael :

Published: 09th April 2009
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The Story of Air Jordan made by Nike and endorsed by Michael :.

Air Jordan is a brand shoe made by Nike USA. It was endorsed by

Michael Jordan a re-known american basketball player. Infact the

name Air Jordan was made according to the name of Michael Jordan.

It has a jumpman logo as it is used for jumping, running or playing

basketball and other sports. It is called by some other similar

names like Jays, JS, MJS, etc.

In the beginning of 1984 Nike was facing challenges in sports shoes market.

That time it had White Man Jogging Brand. But that was going down in the

market. Literally it had no remarkable market share in basketball market.

To overcome the situation it made a contract with Michael Jordan for 5 years

At 2.5 million dollars along with other benefits to market a new brand.

Thus in the year 1984 Nike USA opened its sub-division Jordan Brand to

market its new brand Air Jordan. That time most basketball shoes were white.

But Air Jordan was colored with black and red. NBA banned that shoe due to

color. But Michael Jordan was continue wearing them inspite of thousand

dollars fine Thus it was being marketed and promoted to the success. Since

its beginning new and new designs are being released each and every year.

Later Michael Jordan retired from basketball but his endorsed air jordan is

Running with its pride.

The Air Jordan is classified by the year or realease and the model

names like OG or Originals, Retros, Retro + or Retro pluses, PE or

Player Exclusive, Samples etc. Although Jordan Shoes signature line of the brand, there are team shoes line produced by the brand.

The earlier released shoes are also re-released periodically

considering its market demand. There are a series of air jordan

shoes starting from Air Jordan I to XX3.

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